Sunday, February 14, 2010

What's all the Fuss About??

In-n-Out arrived in Utah and created quite a stir....people waited for hours. Our first chance to try it was about 3 months later's way out in the burbs.
The fries were GROSS!!!


  1. I too was very disappointed, completely underwhelmed, and confused about all the hype on my first visit to In-N-Out (Reno is the closest at 80+ miles). But then I did some Googling and Wiki-ing:
    - It's family-owned; not a franchise operation like all the others.
    - The ingredients are fresh, never frozen. (Those gross fries were cut from real potatoes on-site, and not bathed in trans-fat.)
    - The employees are paid a living wage.
    - The menu you should order from is secret. (Next time ask for "Fries, Well-done")

    I don't frequent burger joints or fast-food in general (and I'm averse to the Bible verse references), but I've been back a couple times (months apart), and it's better each time.

    Also, you should know that there was/is a Utah counterfeit operation named Chadder's.

  2. Yep there is a secret menu... if you want the works on your burger ask for animal style!

    In N Out has been my fave hamburger place since I was a little kid..... its SOOOOO good.

  3. I love In-N-Out! And I do love their fries.

  4. ooh... secret menus.
    I prefer Fatburger, myself.